Why Everyone should have a Backup System

IT Black Spot Backup solutionsBackup all your information is essential to safeguard yourself against loosing everything

Given the latest ransomware attacks, it very important to know that backing-up a system is a must these days.

Here are some other reasons why it is crucial to back-up your PC.

  • Hard drives do crash
  • Files can accidentally be deleted or become corrupt
  • Viruses can corrupt or delete files
  • You may upgrade to a new computer and need to move your files.

When should you make backup?

Whenever you finish working on something, it is preferable to copy your work into other locations or the cloud to make a backup. This way your files are safe and sound. So, our advice is to schedule your backups on a daily basis.

How to backup Files

There are a number of ways to back up your work:

  1. Copy files to your home area – transfer you files into other drive aside from you main drive.
  2. Copy files to a different media– such as CDs, Flash drive, and DVDs
  3. Use the Cloud for backups – setup a cloud backup with a reputable company

We at IT Black Spot provide comprehensive backup solutions to suit your needs and make sure that your files will be safe, including onsite and offsite backup. Gives us a call to find out how we can secure all your information and make sure all your data is safe.