Benchmarking software you can use to check your computer

IT Black Spot - Benchmark Your Computer

What is computer benchmarking and why you should do this

What’s Benchmark?

Benchmarking is the process of determining how well a computer or device perform using numbers as units. It is used to determine if your machine can do well in different task like gaming, video editing, Photoshop and many more.

There many Benchmarking software you can use to identify potential bottlenecks, and to choose effective system upgrades. Here are some of the list and there specialties:

  1. SiSoft Sandra Lite – use in memory bandwidth, network performance, power efficiency
  2. 3DMark – use in graphics testing and gaming experience
  3. PCMark  – focuses on all elements of a computer’s performance.
  4. FRAPS – for use in FPS, graphics, games
  5. HD Tune – Test your hard drive’s performance.

Here you go! These are some ways you can test your computer performance. If you would like a comprehensive testing of your computer, please contact us and we can recommend wether you should consider upgrading your computer!

**We are not affiliated with the listed benchmarking software, nor do we recommend the use of this software due to having no control over the software listed**