iPhone 8 leaks and rumors, what to expect

10 years since the first iPhone release, the 10th anniversary of the iPhone is marked this 2017. Several months from now, the iPhone 8 is expected to launch. We know that Apple is very serious keeping secrets to the public as iPhone 8 will be an ambitious project. But we’re not going to sit here and wait, We know you’re all excited on the features and how will it look. That’s why we’ve collected online rumors and leaks you should know and what you can expect to the new iPhone.

iPhone 8 rumors

  • Wireless charge – Every apple product in the past has not ever had wireless charging and bringing this to the iPhone 8 could be a killer feature.
  • No home button – A lot like the new Samsung Galaxy S8, the iPhone 8 will be rumoured, and expected to have no home button due to a more futuristic look. It’s said to have that the fingerprint scanner will be at the back just like the Google Pixel.
  • Camera integrated in the display – Putting the camera in the display and blending it gives it a slimmer look and makes the iPhone seem more appealing.
  • Flexible OLED Display – Just imagine an iPhone with the entire display that features vibrant life-like images. To prove this, Apple has already signed a deal with Samsung to produce OLED displays for devices set to debut in 2017
  • Bio-metric Security – The iPhone 8 is said to have more advance bio-metric features such as facial recognition or iris scanning, that’s powered by a new front-facing camera system. LG was rumored to have supplied the 3D facial recognition system for the iPhone 8.
  • Glass back Body – it is possible that the new iPhone will feature a more appealing look – re-adopting that of the iPhone 4 (glass back body). Apple is rumored to be planing in moving away from aluminum bodied phones as it was using them since 2012.
  • Gigantic Storage Capacity – rumored that the iPhone 8 features 128 to 256gb capacities.

Release date

Apple is expected to launch new iPhones every September of the year. So, it could possibly be this September is the much awaited release of the iPhone 8. There are also additional iPhones that could be release this year along with the iPhone 8 – the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus.

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