A Video Leaked on Reddit shows a working iPhone 8 For the First time!

Everyone (Apple fans out there) is excited with the much-awaited launch of a new iPhone from Apple. With all the schematics and speculation since the beginning, we’ll now witness another unveiling of a new iPhone a few days from now.

With all this being said, a leaked video claims to give the world its first ever look at a working iPhone 8(or iPhone whatever Apple decides to call it). We really cannot confirm if the video was fake or it is a real deal. In the video, the device shown certainly looks the part based on everything we know about the iPhone 8. We can only see the phone’s display and not all of it as the video is incredibly dark. A huge cut out at the top of its screen just like on all leaked pictures online. Which means Apple should make adjustments to the status bar to accommodate the iPhone 8’s notch.

But there are Android app launchers out there that looks like iOS, and it can be a possibility that this video of a phone might just an android. But, who knows! We just have to wait till the unveiling so all these speculations will come to an end.

Btw, here’s the link to the Reddit video:

Alleged Working iPhone 8
byu/horryshiet inapple