What makes a Great Website?

Your website can be the first place your potential customers might come to visit. And in that case, It should reflect what your business is all about to people that are coming to your page. Often times, people are visiting your website because they are seeking out something. As a businessman, you want each of these individuals find what they need as quickly as possible. Even though you have an excellent service or has quality products, but a poorly functioning website, you could miss our a significant amount or opportunities and make a bad online impression.

So, what makes a great website? How can you standout your website from the others? We’ve put together some key website trends to focus on for success in this era of digital age.


  1. RESPONSIVENESS- This simply means that your webpage should look and feel good in all screen sizes whether in a phone, tablet or a big screen monitor. Having a responsive design will also make you rank up higher in major search engine such as Google.
  2. MORE MULTIMEDIA FEATURES – People often times visit a site to only watch videos and explore some great pictures to look at. And so, this means that bringing more multimedia features into a page can reduce bounce rate and more people will come visit.
  3. MORE COLOURS – In the past, when a webpage has vibrant colors its impression was childish and unprofessional. Now having a website with more colour is being accepted in recent years. You can ask your web designer to properly apply colors into your website.
  4. HIGH QUALITY CONTENT – The content is the very basic skeleton of a webpage. It is what drives visitors to your site and it’s the “words” that makes people to customers. A page with a great content in it also what makes Google identify your site and rank it up to its deserving search spot.
  5. AMAZING USER EXPERIENCE (UX) – 70% of online people gets frustrated with websites when they are presented with pop-up ads that doesn’t resonate with their interests. Avoid this practice as it might hurt your online impression. Design your website that as if your customers will feel that they are comfortable in your “Webplace” just like visiting into your actual shop.
  6. MINIMALISTIC  DESIGN – Modern web designers sure do what this means. The simpler your design, them better it is for people to understand your business.
  7. LINKING SOCIAL – Your Facebook page can also be use to link it into your website and vice versa. The can drive more visitors into your site by publishing blogs to your site and posting them to any social media account of your choice. It’ll sure increase your business presence online!