Here’s Samsung’s Plan to beat the iPhone

Following the events of battery leakage causing fires of the Galaxy Note 7 and has lost millions, the South Korean Tech giant Samsung Inc. is now planning to regain its dominance in the smartphone market again. With new innovations and features coming to its Galaxy line-up of phones, Samsung is one company that Apple is always watching for.

Samsung keynote for S8 and S8+

Recently, there are reports that the company will be holding up an event to launch its newest Galaxy Note 8 smartphone. It was leaked that the event will take place in New York City in the second half of August.

Leaks are spreading online as the next Galaxy Note will sport a curved screen that is marginally larger than the 6.2-inch version of the Galaxy S8 smartphone and feature two rear cameras.

Samsung DeX, a new Galaxy feature to watch out for

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There are also reports that the next generations of Samsung Galaxies will feature foldable touch screens that Samsung is developing throughout the years. Just recently a new feature offered by Samsung was launch in an event following Apple’s launching of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. According to the event, they introduce a new Galaxy feature called Samsung DeX. Samsung DeX is the latest innovation from the company that will turn your ordinary phone into a desktop workplace. Users can connect their Galaxy S8/S8+ to a monitor, keyboard and mouse for a desktop experience powered by their phone.