Why would you buy a Smart Curved Monitor

Remember the days when “flat screen TV’s” were the new thing? And people are hyped just to experience watching a football game in a ‘big’ 32 inch Plasma TV right back then. And the old bulky CRT monitors were, well getting old, and having thrown into the garage or attic. Well time flies so fast. Now, the next generation of Televisions are emerging in the market, and Smart TV’s with curved panels are now the new ‘hip’.

a person watching in a curved tv

Curved TVs are everywhere these days. With different sizes and resolutions they sure are will dominate the Television and PC monitor market industry in the near future. Curved TVs and computer monitors are exactly what they sound like. Their display isn’t flat but curved — around your face to provide a wider field of view. Many TV manufacturers advertise this as a more immersive experience. But do you really need a curved display?

The Drawback

There are several big problems with curved TVs. The biggest issue is the required viewing angle. The ideal viewing position for this TV is you need to be directly in front of the curve itself. So, If someone is a bit off to the side, curved display just won’t look quite right. Curved TVs aren’t really good for a larger number of people.

The Advantages

The main benefits of a curved TV is that you really are experiencing a more cinematic point-of-view specially when playing 4k games. And also, curved PC monitors are way to go if your serious in PC games, video editing, and graphical productivity as only one person is using the monitor than that of viewing in with a group of people.

But in the end its up to you if you really wanted to buy a curve TV or monitor. Many people have different needs and perspectives. If you’re maybe a graphics professional and it is required that you work on immersive graphical point-of-view into your work, then a curved monitor might be the one you need. But if you’re just an ordinary folk that normally watches television or just browsing the internet Facebooking, then don’t waste your dollar in a curve TV or monitor. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention in the “The Drawback” section that curved TVs and monitors are EXPENSIVE.