Windows 10 now has Fingerprint Security Feature

A new input device was lunch quietly by Microsoft which has a hidden security feature.

The company unveiled their new ‘Modern Keyboard’ which looks virtually identical to its predecessor the Surface Keyboard. Tucked away between the alt and ctrl keys is a hidden fingerprint scanner. It is designed to blend into the keyboard so it appears like any other key.

The fingerprint scanner lets users log into or websites. It’ll also will work in Windows 10, MacOS and the latest Android versions. Comes in a silver and grey finish, and can work as a wired keyboard, or wireless via Bluetooth 4.0.

Microsoft also unveiled the ‘Modern Mouse’, which features nearly invisible buttons and a metal scroll wheel. Microsoft promised the mouse boasts “exceptional precision” and can connect via Bluetooth 4.0.

There’s no specific release date has been given, but both devices are “coming soon”.