The Benefits of Upgrading to SSD

SSD - Solid State Drive

Why you should upgrade to a Solid State Drive

What’s an SSD?

Solid State drives are the latest and most advance to arrive in the data storage market. You’re probably familiar in USB memory sticks or what you called Flash Drive. SSDs are just the bigger and oversize version of them with a much more sophisticated functionalities. Many companies have decided to replace there old HDDs to upgrade into the more advance SSDs.

Here are some reasons why should you upgrade:

  1. It draws less power. Traditional HDD have an average of 6-7 wats, whilst newer SSDs only have 2-3 watts resulting in 30+ minute battery boost.
  2. Faster boot time. Around 10-13 seconds’ average boot time using an SSD.
  3. They are quiet. Unlike their old counterparts, they don’t have moving parts like the spinning magnet of an HDD. They just like a Flash drive.
  4. Less Heat. Because there are no moving parts, just little amount of heat produce resulting in less overheating of your devices.
  5. Faster Copy/Write Speeds. above 200 MB/s and up to 550 MB/s for cutting edge drives.
  6. Safe from magnets. HDDs are known to lose data when putting a magnet to them. SSDs are safe from any effects of magnetism.
  7. SSDs are more durable simply because of their Solid State design.

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