You should Stop Doing These Cyber security Mistakes Now!

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Spread the word… Tell everyone, your mom, dad, your co-worker or classmate to STOP doing these online mistakes.

Every year many people are falling victim of malicious attacks whether online or offline. And sometimes, It’s the person’s fault for scammers to scam them, and theft to rob them.

Take a look at these most common mistakes people are making.

People are posting Holiday photos in Social media

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This may be not so good as you’re sharing your location online and it’s a signal that your home is empty. Your giving thefts a chance to trespass by doing so. Make sure to lock your home or install CCTV with an internet connection so that you can monitor whenever your out. You should also post your holiday pictures after getting home and never share personal data on Facebook.

Shopping Online while on Public Wi-Fi

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Public networks are not as safe as you think.  Your private information might be at risk whilst sharing it to these networks. Never log-in your bank credentials on a public wi-fi. Online criminals are just around the corner.

Falling into Clickbait

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Clickbait is a common marketing strategy whose main goal is to get users to click on a link to go to a certain webpage. Most of these are only traps that scammers use to trick people on phishing scams. Don’t get fooled by colourful text and animation. Clickbait are common on torrent sites and porn websites that trick many users.