Secure your online life with these Apps and Services

With the threats of hacking and scams in this digital age, online security should be an integral part of every online activity you make. Arm yourself with these tools to keep your online life away from hackers and scammers.

  1. Use a Strong Password Generator. The formula of a strong password is combining uppercase and lowercase letters with numbers and symbols to create an 8-letter phrase or word. You can see in this video the best way to have a good and strong password. But having this said, it’s a pain to remember every password you made on each and every online account you have. You can use My LastPass or Direct Pass for managing all your passwords, they’re free and very convenient. strong password
  2. Use Incognito. The incognito mode in the Chrome browser shuts down all the pre-installed web trackers that automatically record what you do online. Activate it by clicking the Customize and Control Google Chrome then “New incognito window”. Image result for incognito
  3. Explore your social media settings and features to tinker with your account and increase your level of privacy online. Just like Facebook, it has default privacy setting that you can change to maximize your online security. Image result for facebook settings
  4. Try out these Browser extensions that that can help toughen your privacy online recommended by Tech expert Allan Henry. Most of them disable cookies and trackers that automatically save whatever you do online.

Source: The Telco Spot