Hackers have turned the Nintendo Switch into a functional Linux tablet

There are two major reasons to consider to hack a game console. The first is self-evident: so you can cracked copies of games. That is the reason modern consoles are so hard to hack, since a millions dollars are on the line.

Be that as it may, a few people simply want to run any software they pick on the hardware they possess. What’s more, for those individuals, Linux on the Switch is an enormous accomplishment.

A couple of weeks prior, the fail0verflow hacking collective showed a still image on Twitter of a Nintendo Switch booting Linux. They’re one of a little handful of hacker teams who are teasing exploits of the Nvidia Tegra hardware inside the Switch.

However, now fail0verflow has video of an all out Linux distro running on the hacked Switch, complete with touchscreen support, a completely operational web browser, and even a GPU-powered demo application:

On Twitter, fail0verflow claims the bug they’re exploiting to avoid the Switch’s security can’t be patched on presently released hardware, and doesn’t require a modchip. Be that as it may, concerning now there aren’t any details on the best way to do this yourself at home.

It’s for the most part only pleasant to realize that, sufficiently given expertise and determination, you could.


Source: Paul Miller | The Verge