What to expect from the new iOS 11 from Apple

Big changes for Apple products

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Later this year, Apple devices will be changed to a new operating system.
Apple iOS 11 brings powerful multi-tasking features, new ways to manage files and deeper integration with Apple pencil.

iPad / iPhone changes with iOS 11

New app store

  • New User interface design
  • More engaging content and friendly

Siri gets a new voice

  • Both male and female Siri will be getting a new, more “human” sounding voice
  • Siri will be able to translate

New control Centre

  • Personalise Buttons you can change the way you want.
  • New design

iOS 11 update

Do not disturb while driving

  • The iPhone will automatically detect when someone is in the car, and will block notifications and texts, and stop drivers from opening apps
  • This system can send an automatic text response saying that currently you are busy driving, and it will still allow drivers to take hands free calls
  • The software will prompt people to turn on this function, but the driver can choose to ignore this and risk looking at their smartphone.

Visit this site for more info: https://www.apple.com/au/ios/ios-11-preview/