Cyber Bullying: Warning Signs and Who’s at risk?

Lately, we talk about some information that might help deal with cyber bullying. And it was mentioned that the best way to deal with cyber bullies is to ignore them, block them, and call a friend. But sometimes, there are those who are at risk and need the help. Many kids tend to hide what their experience and don’t call for help.

Here are Signs a Child is Being Cyber Bullied:

  1. Appears nervous when receiving a text, SMS, or email.
  2. Sometimes he/she pretends to be ill to avoid going to school.
  3. Suddenly shutting off or walking away from the computer or phones mid-use.
  4. Can’t sleep at night.
  5. Unexplained weight loss or gain.
  6. He/she turns off the computer monitor or changes screens every time you walk by.
  7. The worst part is suicidal thoughts.

If you’ve seen one of these signs, talk to your child and have him/her treated. Cyberbullying can put your child at risk for anxiety and depression. Your child can’t also focus on school if cyber bullying still happens.