Windows 10 New Keyboard Shortcuts


Here are some GREAT shortcuts you can use with Windows 10 to help you get around faster, and, even quickly create and switch between desktops, great for all you multi taskers out there.

  • Arranging windows: Windows key + Left or Right (This is brilliant to organise your desktop, even BETTER if you have 2 monitors setup)
  • Switch to recent window: Alt + Tab (Creates small windows of all your opened programs)`
  • Task view: Windows + Tab (You’ll like this one)
  • Create new virtual desktop: Windows key + Ctrl + D (Before you do this one, make sure you know how to get back to your original desktop. Just a friendly warning)
  • Close current virtual desktop: Windows key + Ctrl + F4
  • Switch virtual desktop : Windows key + Ctrl + Left or Right

If you know of any other cool shortsuts, let us know by commenting below.