Use Google Maps like a Pro!

google maps

Google Maps is hands-down a standout amongst other Map applications on Android and iPhone, yet considering the majority of us use it while driving, only a few people know a ton of its features. Regardless of whether you’re new to Google Maps or a pro, let’s take a look at the best ways to receive the most out of it.

Save Your Home and Work Addresses

First of all, including your home and street number makes utilizing Google Maps somewhat more easy, since it rearranges exploring to either place. Tap the three-line menu bar in the search box, at that point Your Places, and include your home and business locale.

Add Multiple Destinations to a Trip

Need to catch some lunch on a long road trip? Or drop off at the drug store from work to home? Setting up numerous goals makes that simple, however, it’s not entirely obvious that it’s even an alternative. You have two option numerous stops.

Firstly, mark directions to your end destination like you generally do. Then, tap the “More Options icon” in the upper right corner > Add Stop. Enter a second location and Maps will navigate you between them. You can indicate nine unique stops here.

On the other hand, you can include a stop along your course halfway through a drive. This bodes well to something like catching lunch on a street trip or in case you’re strolling around a city needing some espresso. Go ahead and start up navigation to your last goal. When Maps is navigating, tap the big search button, at that point scan for whatever you require. Maps will just show you choices along your present course.

Glance at Your History to See Every Trip You’ve Taken

By default, Google Maps keeps a running history of each trip you’ve taken. This is either exceptionally cool and valuable or extremely frightening.

Tap the three line menu button, then Settings > Map History. Here, you’ll see all the better places you’ve explored. If you don’t like that Google Maps does this, flip the toggle at the top of the screen to disable it.

Download Maps for Offline Viewing

If you have a terrible data connection, disconnected maps are an unquestionable requirement. Look for a city or place name, at that point tap the name or address on the bottom bar. Tap the Download catch to spare that guide. You can perceive what you’ve saved by tapping the three line menu catch in the inquiry bar, at that point tapping Offline Areas. Much of the time, you can in any case explore and scan for destinations in this mode.

Zoom One-Handed

In case you’re strolling around with your telephone endeavoring to explore with Google Maps, squeezing to zoom is tough. Rather, double-tap tap on the screen, at that point drag your finger here and there. This zooms in and out on the map.

Send Directions from Your Computer to Your Phone

In case you’re looking at headings to a place on your PC and need to do the actual route on your telephone, you can send that information to your phone insofar as you’re signed into your Google account on the two gadgets.

Source: The Telco Spot