Samsung Galaxy S8 Features and Interesting Facts

standing Samsung galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 is the new flagship phone from Samsung and here, you’ll see some interesting facts about it:

  1. Iris Sensors

-Recognises your eyes and logs you in

Why? This is an advantage because it saves you time when logging in, all you need to do is look into the camera and then it will recognise your eye.

Q:  what if it doesn’t work?

A:  then you can just enter the password normally and get it fixed

Q:  what if someone has the same eye as me?

A: no ones eyes are the same as yours therefore it will only recognise you and it has facial recognition feature with it too.

  1. Home button on screen

-The home button is now removed and you can find it on the actual screen when you turn it on

Why? Removed means more screen space for your phone and gives it an futuristic look.

Q:  what if screen doesn’t work?

A: get it fixed immediately

Q:  what if its faulty?

A: if it was faulty the screen wouldn’t work because its all one

  1. Larger screen size

-This is the biggest phone that Samsung has ever made at a size of 6.2 inches curved screen.

Why? The phone is bigger for the screen space and to fit many items inside like the battery and a bigger screen will improve the composition of photos and its better to game and watch movies by watching.


Q: what if this chews up my brightness because of bigger screen?

A: the battery is larger so therefore it will support each thing equally since it’s a bigger phone

Q: what if I drop my phone, will it break more easy cause its bigger?

A: It has better protection made from better materials but just to be safe maybe invest in a pretty protective phone case so that it doesn’t break.