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What we do at IT BLACK SPOT


Offsite backup

A safe, secure and reliable way to backup all of your data, as often as need be.

In the event of an emergency, all the data is therefore accessible to you. Saving you both time and money, while allowing your business to go on functioning as per normal.

Our offsite backup service includes:

  • Simple to install software and setup
  • Automatic backups with customised schedules
  • Security and encryption
  • Compress files before upload for fast backups (Average time = 3 minutes per day)
  • Incremental backups, only transfer charges
  • Backup all files, services, emails and databases
  • Restores files any time via web or software
  • Email status reports

Data Transfer

Assisting with all upgrade requirements, from home computers to custom built business computers.

We are more than capable in transferring all your documents, photos and other important data from one device to another, quickly and securely. Saving you all the time and stress.

Upgrading components of your computer…? buying a brand new one…? our friendly team at IT Black Spot will work with you to supply the best solution for your requirements.

There are a number of reasons to upgrade, such as:

  • Increased speed

As technology advances, so does the speed of new systems. With our range of new systems, you will never go short of computing power

  • More storage space

Storage is becoming more accessible, in pricing and availability as time goes on.

  • Graphics performance

Our new systems can cater for a variety of graphical performance needs

  • Better connectivity

Our new systems contain a minimum of 8 USB2.0 ports and 2 USB3.0 ports for all connectivity needs

  • Increased network performance

With all our computers containing the latest 1Gb networking hardware, you can trust that you will get the leading performance on any network.

24/7 Support


We offer a range of IT support, by remotely accessing your computer, to sending a qualified technician onsite or having a team of technicians in house ready to work on your computer when you bring it to us. We can cater for all your IT needs.

  • Remote Support

Wherever you are, anywhere in the world, we can remotely access your computer when in need

  • In House Support

We have a team of technicians, ready to start fixing all IT problems from the moment you bring computer to us

  • Onsite Support

Our qualified technicians travel throughout the South West, providing clients with an IT expert they can trust


A computer network is a collection of hardware components and computers interconnected by communications channels which allow the sharing of both resources and information

Connecting two or more computers together, is possible with us,