What do you need to know about this new Facebook Chat scam

Make a point to investigate your Facebook messages VERY carefully — regardless of the possibility that they are sent from one of your closest friends.

A trick is spreading over the social network, making friends unintentionally put their mate’s phones and devices in danger.

Potential victims are met with an honest looking chat linking at a video in a Messenger chat box.

The message incorporates the recipient’s name, the word “video” and a stunned emoticon took after by a link.

In the wake of tapping on the link, people are taken to a fake YouTube channel which is booby-caught with frightful programming.

This malevolent software, if downloaded, will make you spread the infection to your contacts on Facebook Messenger.

It can drive you to tap on more malware and top off your telephone with spam adverts.

In some cases, it has been believed to track what you write into their tainted devices — enabling crooks to log and store credit card details in the event that you later purchase something on the web.

And there’s more bad news. In addition to the fact that you should stay away from certain messages from your friends, online networking fans have likewise been informed that Facebook friends aren’t legitimate relationships. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true, your followers aren’t generally your mates.