How to clean a drive using Diskpart in Windows

thumb drive plugging into the pc

In spite the fact that cloud storage is one if the current trends in digital storage, the portability and security of a USB thumb drive still in use today. Having that said, many people still rely on these devices. But as they get old, sometimes they don’t work the way they should be. Viruses and other malicious files might be inside them. In such case, to clean a USB drive/SD card is one possible solution. It intends to totally wipe the whole data from the drive and use it normally again.

How to clean a drive using Diskpart in Windows:

Step 1: Connect your USB flash drive/SD card to your PC.

Step 2: Open Command Prompt in the Start menu and run it as administrator (right-click it and select “Run as administrator”).,

Step 3: Type “diskpart” → Enter.

Step 4: Type “list Disk” → Enter. It will show you all disks connected to the PC.

Step 5: Type “select disk #” → Enter. (Replace # with the number of your desired drive.)

Note: Be watchful when entering the number, as all the files on the selected disk will disappear.

Step 6: Type “clean” → Enter to perform. Afterward, when you see “Diskpart succeeded in cleaning the disk”, which means cleaning operation is finished.