Banks will never ask these questions

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Banks – Questions that banks will never ask you in a ‘out of the blue’ email.

  • They will not ask for spontaneous surveys and offering you a reward for completing it.
  • Email you regarding security measures. From personal experience, they will call you or your account will be frozen and I’m sure you will call them
  • Payment request pending on your account. If it’s pending, they’ll deal with it, if you made the payment and there’s an issue, I’m sure you’ll get a phone call.
  • Deposit pending on your account. Again, this just in my opinion, let the bank sort it out, if something goes wring, you’ll know and get intouch with the person/company making the deposit to your account.

Again, rule of thumb, the banks employ a lot of people in their call centre’s for this reason, if it’s important, expect a happy voice on the other end of the phone.